Men and boys bonded over billy carts when a Te Awamutu holiday programme teamed up with the local Menzshed last week.

A group of boys aged 9 to 13, from the Te Awamutu Kids Zone holiday programme, each made a four-wheeled billy cart.

Te Awamutu Kids Zone owner Simone Monkley came up with the idea to do an activity with the Menzshed.

Bill Were gives some practical help at the holiday programme.
Bill Were gives some practical help at the holiday programme.

"I saw an article about the Menzshed in the Courier," she says.


"I thought working with them would be a great opportunity for the boys in the holiday programme.

"A lot of kids don't get to do this kind of hands-on stuff - it's a great chance for them to do something practical."

Miss Monkley and Menzshed members sourced timber, wheels and cushions to make the billy carts.

Menzshed member Bill Were, a retired engineer, came up with the design and pre-cut the timber.

"It's fun to get involved in the community," he says.

"For some of the boys, I can see it's their first time drilling a hole - it's about giving them confidence."

Miss Monkley says the group went to Anchor Park with the finished billy carts.

"For two hours these kids laughed and rolled down a big hill," she says.


"I've been doing this job for 10 years and it was one of the best days I've had."

The Menzshed will sell half of the billy-carts to cover the cost of materials and Kids Zone will keep the rest.