Former Prime Minister Sir John Key says he was always supportive of National during the recent election but ultimately "it's their show and you've got to let them get on with it."

Sir John told The Country's Jamie Mackay that although the balance of power is now held by Winston Peters, for Bill English, the election result was "an emphatic victory for him personally."

Listen to the full interview with Sir John Key in the Soundcloud embed below:

Jamie asks the former Prime Minister for his opinion on which way Winston will go and whether the New Zealand First leader is looking to leave a legacy with his decision.

As for Jacinda Ardern Sir John says the Labour Leader is a "smooth and competent communicator," but he isn't sure if she will "hang around and be leader of the opposition."


Also in today's interview: Jamie asks Sir John if National "dropped the ball" on health and poverty and what life is like after politics for the former Prime Minister.