Doug Avery
For services to agriculture and mental health

Douglas Avery is a farmer in the Awatere region and has contributed to developing farm and land practices, as well as being a spokesperson for mental health issues within the farming community.

Mr Avery has successfully adopted land use techniques to drought-proof his farm and has spoken to audiences around New Zealand, Australia and Argentina about his new farming systems that have provided a basis for sustainable environmental and financial growth.

He has served as Chairman of the Starborough/Flaxbourne Soil Conservation Group and in 2011 his family won the South Island Farmer of the Year competition for their farm management systems.


Mr Avery is an advocate for rural mental health and frequently shares his personal experiences with audiences around New Zealand.

He has been a member of the Seddon School Board of Trustees and has been involved in the Flaxbourne Young Farmers Club to shares his experiences with the future generation of farmers.

Mr Avery has received numerous awards in recognition of his contributions to sustainable land management techniques.

Landcorp Agricultural Communicator of the Year, 2013
New Zealand Land Care Trust Ambassador, 2012
Malborough Environment Award, 2011
Lincoln Foundation South Island Farmer of the Year, 2010
Ministry for the Environment's Green Ribbon Award, 2008