The Topp Twins are considered a Kiwi icon around the world, so the twins, Lynda and Jools, thought it was about time they took to the road again to deliver their comedy show to NZ's rural areas.

The Topp Twins bring their Heading for the Hills tour to Northland next month, playing in Dargaville, Whangarei, Kerikeri and Kaitaia.

The Topps are big on making sure their audience is entertained and leave with a smile ... and there's also room for some audience participation - just bring your spoons!

It's the first national tour for quite a while and possibly the first time they've played in the Far North for about 20 years, Jools says.


"We've just been so busy. We've toured around the world and as we'd finished our latest TV show (Topp Country) we thought we've got a bit of time on our hands so let's go back to our roots," she says.

"We're country girls at heart so we thought let's go to those who helped us to get famous, the farmers and country folk from rural areas."

So there'll be no shows on during milking hours then?

"No, definitely not. Rural people work bloody hard and we want to give them a chance to escape the work for a little while and come along and have a good laugh and a bit of fun. We want to create a real social event for rural folk.

"But if anybody needs a hand with the milking just let us know and we'll see what we can do."

Armed with guitar, mouth-harp and spoons, the 13-date tour starts on April 1 - April Fool's Day - and brings the Twins' original style of merriment, mayhem and mirth to the regions.

Is there any truth to the rumour there will be a duelling spoons battle, western style?

"Ha, ha. No there won't be duelling spoons - one of us has to play the guitar so you can't have duelling spoons with just one set ... but if anybody wants to bring their spoons along for a bit of audience participation they can."

Jools says all the Twins' alter egos will be on the tour - including Ken and Ken, Camp Leader and Camp Mother, The Gingham Twins - with their brand of original country music, character comedy, burlesque innuendo and some of the finest yodelling you'll hear anywhere.

"There'll be new songs too. The audiences love the old song, but they also want to hear something new. A bit like when you see your favourite band and you have the songs you love, and want to hear, but you always want to hear them do something new.

"We find people are disappointed if we don't do some of the old stuff, and on this tour we're resurrecting some old ones that we haven't played for a long time."

Your favourite heckler?

"To be fair we don't really get heckled much. I think they're a bit scared as there's two of us so we can gang up on them if they do.

"But I can remember one when we were playing in London with Billy Bragg. Billy loved the Gingham Twins so asked if we'd go on first and do the Ginghams, which involves a little bit of yodelling. We get into it and the audience is full of old punk rockers with coloured, spiky hair. There's one of these old punks who just didn't understand yodelling. He just kept yelling 'play something decent, play something decent' over and over again.

"I just snapped. I told him to 'F off' if he didn't like the show and there's the door. The other punks just went crazy at that and loved it. It was funny to have all these old punks pogoing."

She thinks that was because they recognised that the twins understood that they were all about honesty.

The third series of Topp Country screens later this year on TV1.


* What: The Topp Twins Heading for the Hills.
* Where: Dargaville Town Hall on April 26; Forum North, Whangarei on April 27; Kerikeri's Turner Centre on April 29; Te Ahu Centre in Kaitaia on April 30.