Peter FitzSimons has many titles, former rugby player, journalist, author, historian and that's just the ones The Country Early Edition's Dom George knows about!

Unfortunately the term Peter is mostly saddled with is 'media whore'. He finds this moniker distasteful and prefers the classier title of 'media sex worker'.

Today FitzSimons is here to talk about brains in sports and what happens to them when they get knocked about on the field.

"We knew we could get concussed. It never really occurred to us that...years later there could be an impact because we're rugby players. That doesn't happen to rugby players. That happens to boxers"

The effects of concussion are being treated more seriously in sport. Old attitudes that rugby players don't get hurt is being challenged with more veterans of the sport suffering from brain damage in later life.


FitzSimons is also a staunch advocate of Australia becoming a republic and once again presents a compelling case for the cause.

He then rounds off the discussion with a bit of hope for Wallaby rugby fans as they prepare for their next assignment against the All Blacks in Sydney.

Good luck with that one Peter!

Have a listen to the full chat with Peter FitzSimons in the Soundcloud embed below: