Nigel Latta's Politically Incorrect Guide to Grown Ups looked a lot like a Tui Beer ad on Sunday. A pre-filmed scene designed to hammer home the point, which was 'it's ok to be attracted to people other than your partner', was based around this tired scenario - two women settling in with drinks and deckchairs to watch Flavio the foreign gardener trim the hedge. It was a ham-fest and the gardener was more silly than sexy. Next minute the husband comes home and half-heartedly objects... enter the gardener's impossibly attractive wife and bang! Full porno-styles, the leering camera zooms in on the woman as she bends over, dressed in teeny cut off shorts. Maybe you won't be bothered by it; after all the media landscape is chocka with tits and arse representations of women, so much that we don't notice anymore. And what's the harm in it, really? Maybe Latta has a take on that.

(scroll along to 5.35)... Am I humourless or premenstrual? You decide.

Viral of the day: Happy 16th Birthday, we got you a concussion! (Some are calling fake on this, but man-alive that push looked rough)


The Tourette's syndrome of the i-Age*: It may save embarrassment for the challenged speller, but auto correct caused a heap of trouble for one high school student who wrote a text which read: "gunna be at west hall today" which his cell phone corrected to, "gunman be at west hall today". He then sent it to the wrong number...

Remember exams? How to answer any exam question on the female reproductive system. For more there's great selection of amusing exam answers compiled here.

For the kids: Nice ditty encouraging the eating of vegetables.

Technology: Charge your iPhone with the power of breath (there is actually a wind farm in your mouth)

Quick clip: A dolphin stampede filmed by a Californian based whale watch outfit is impressive.

Legally high: Nina had her wisdom teeth out: "What's in my mouth?" Gauze. ...and the drug administered for this guy's broken arm were even better.

Retro sexism is more patronising: An Australian Caltex ad from the 60s...

* phrase coined by Paul Brislen via Twitter @paulbrislen