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Although dairy farmers are known for taking the most challenging weather events in their stride, some have been hit "particularly hard" by Northland's flooding over the weekend, Fonterra's Chief Financial Officer Marc Rivers says.

"It's one thing after another, first drought conditions which were quite severe and now, unfortunately, significant flooding," Rivers told The Country Sport Breakfast's Lee Piper.

Luckily Fonterra was still able to collect milk, despite challenges brought by the deluge, Rivers said.


"With the amount of flooding and number of road closures our milk collection was disrupted, but the tanker transport team has been working really hard to just keep that to an absolute minimum."

"It's time's like this that the collective strength of the co-op's really put into action, particularly for the small handful of farmers whose farms were completely cut off there for a period."

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Fonterra had contacted affected farmers to offer support and was committed to ensuring those they couldn't collect from would be paid for their milk, Rivers said.

"Our Farm Source, tankers, site teams, they're all working to offer assistance and help with any recovery effort."

While Rivers was pleased to say that all Fonterra farmers and employees that were affected by flooding in the region were safe, he still urged those who needed help to get in contact.

"If there is anyone listening there up north that needs any assistance please be sure to contact your local area manager."

Also in today's interview: Rivers discussed the drivers behind Fonterra's revised Farmgate Milk Price ranges for last season and the current season, and how the co-op's growth plans in China.