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Fonterra is "getting back in the groove" and promoting its products in China, as things slowly return to normal after Covid-19 restrictions, Te-Han Chow says.

The co-op recently launched its annual "Taste of New Zealand" campaign, which was proving popular with consumers, Chow, Fonterra's China chief executive told The Country Sport Breakfast's Lee Piper.

"Taste of New Zealand" highlights the heritage of Fonterra's Anchor brand and how Chinese consumers appreciate its safety, quality and tastiness, Chow said.


This year's campaign was launched on June 18, at the same time as China's Online Shopping Carnival, with Anchor's first ever digital advertising promoted on some of Shanghai's most watched outdoor screens.

Fonterra also got the message out on social media, live-streaming Anchor videos on Douyin, which is China's version of Tik Tok, and Xigua, another video sharing platform.

Listen below:

Famous and popular Chinese and Kiwi influencers also showcased Anchor products and Chow himself also took part in a live-stream session, to get the word out about Fonterra.

"It was my first time ever doing a live-streaming session and I had 440,000 people watch - so it was quite amazing."

Chinese consumers had responded positively to the campaign and online sales increased as well, Chow said.

Also in today's interview: Chow talked about Fonterra's clean sweep at the 2020 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards.