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Fonterra's new partnership with GMP Pharmaceuticals will help families around the world boost their immunity, says Mike Cronin.

"We're supplying [GMP] with our great probiotics" Fonterra's Managing Director for Co-operative Affairs told The Country Sport Breakfast's Lee Piper.

Fonterra's probiotics will be used in GMP's paediatrics products and then sent around the world, Cronin said.


"They're going to go into pills and liquids and sachets and they're going to go to young people and pregnant women. And we're proud to say they come from our microbial fermentation unit right here in good old New Zealand, down in Palmerston North".

The partnership was going to increase demand globally for what Fonterra calls "advanced ingredients" and was a great example of the co-op's strategy of driving value for those products, said Cronin.

"In this case it's paediatric nutrition. So we're growing our capability in the probiotics space and also building awareness of the health benefits of probiotics generally".

Cronin said it was "probably a good time" to be thinking about immunity as this was the time of the year where people were more susceptible to colds and sniffles.

Also in today's interview: Cronin celebrated the return of Farm Source's Pieday Friday.

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