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The 2020 GoDairy campaign is "absolutely full-blown under way" says DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle.

GoDairy had a soft launch a few weeks ago but was officially launched yesterday by DairyNZ, in partnership with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), the Ministry for Social Development (MSD), and with support from Federated Farmers.

Although the new campaign was still in its early days, there was already interest from people wanting to pursue a dairy farming career, Mackle told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum.


"[We're] aiming to get 500 through this training in the next couple of months".

The first week of GoDairy Farm Ready Training courses take place online to find out "what farming's all about", Mackle said.

This is followed by two weeks of hands-on training on farms. The training is for New Zealand residents and citizens only.

So why should people consider a job in dairy?

Mackle said it was a great sector to be part of, producing a wholesome food that is needed around the word. As well as this, Mackle said the dairy industry was going to play an important role in New Zealand's economic recovery post-Covid.

DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle. Photo / Supplied
DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle. Photo / Supplied

Perhaps the biggest drawcard for a career in dairy was the lifestyle, Mackle said.

"It's challenging at times ... but there are so many different facets to the day in any given part of the year and across the year as well. It's very varied. If you've got a young family you can see your kids".

Working with animals was also "pretty special", and this, along with the agronomy, financial and people aspect of the business, made it an attractive prospect for jobseekers, Mackle said.


"No day is the same".

Find out more about GoDairy here.

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