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The Country's Jamie Mackay catches up with PGG Wrightson's GM for Livestock, Peter Moore, to chat about livestock around New Zealand.

The backlog with the processing works had caught up, particularly with sheep.

Although there was still a hold up with the prime beef sector, it was nothing compared to the past few months, Moore said.


Mackay asked why there was a priority for other livestock over prime beef, in terms of processing.

Farmers needed to shift stock from their farms as they moved into their winter numbers, Moore said.

As well as this, Moore said manufacturing of commercial beef on a global scale was taking priority, as it was more sought-after on the market.

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Now that sale yards are back up and running, Mackay wanted to know if it was the end of online auction systems such as Bidr.

Moving forward there would be a "hybrid situation" said Moore, who explained that this allowed all auctions and sales to occur both onsite and online.

End of season procurement usually sees a "scuffle" around prices and Moore confirmed that the price of lamb had increased. He predicted there would be a bit of uncertainty as to what the price would be for prime beef cuts.

Mackay wrapped the interview by noting that New Zealand livestock is in a better position now than a month ago.