Today on the show, Jamie Mackay and Rowena Duncum wrapped up The Country's rural mental health campaign "Kick off your boots" just in time for Gumboot Friday.

On with the show:

Barry Soper:

Does our political correspondent agree that "Jacinda is surrounded by flakes"? We ask him and also discuss whether Cabinet Ministers should be in Wellington.


Don Carson:

We look at some of issues surrounding horticulture and the white meat industry, and how independent growers not supplying supermarkets can get their produce into the supply chain.

Chris Russell:

We cross the ditch and compare our nations' differing approach to "flattening the curve" with our Australian correspondent.

Anton Lienert-Brown:

It's Farmside Footy but there's very little footy as we kick off our boots and kick off the conversation about opening up with an All Black mid-field star.

Tim Myers:

The chief executive of Norwood looks at some of the issues facing the farm machinery servicing industry and the grey line of what is essential business and what is not.


Lewis Ferris:

Our Met Service Weather forecaster tells us if there's any relief from the drought on the way.

Listen below: