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Fonterra's Australian consumer business strategy has been "a real success story" says Judith Swales.

Fonterra's CEO for Asia Pacific told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum that the co-op "underwent a turnaround" six years ago.

"We got rid of some non-strategic assets, we consolidated some brands and we cut a lot of costs so pleasingly it's now a really profitable business and it continues to outperform our competitors."


Swales said it was a great example of Fonterra's strategy of driving value over volume.

The Australian consumer business differs to New Zealand and with the new focus, Fonterra has been able to be successful in this area said Swales.

Listen below:

"It's really built around cheese and butter and spreads.

"For instance our butter brand here which is called Western Star is the number one selling butter and spread in Australia and we sell more than a pack every second. That's more than 40 million packs a year."

Also in today's interview: Swales talks about how Fonterra is helping Australia after fires, floods and drought, and comments on the success of one of Fonterra Asia Pacific's "Crown Jewels" - the Foodservice business.