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DairyNZ's AGM was a great time to reflect on the past and look to the future says Jim van der Poel.

DairyNZ's Chairman attended the AGM on Tuesday night in Hamilton, where two new board members were announced.

The successful candidates were Elaine Cook who was re-elected, and Tracy Brown.


"I'd like to firstly welcome Tracy to the DairyNZ board and congratulate both of them, but also really to acknowledge the other candidates who stood and just thank them for taking the time to stand and showing an interest. We wish them all the best" said Van der Poel.

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The AGM was also a good opportunity to take a look back at the year so far, as Mycoplasma bovis, the Essential Freshwater package and the Zero Carbon Bill ensured it was a "very big year" for the industry said Van der Poel.

DairyNZ members were working with the Government on "these big policies that are coming up" as well as "doing our day job" to aid the future of farming in New Zealand he said.

"[It's a] big year gone past and [we're] still busy now. A lot of important decisions are being decided for the industry that are intergenerational decisions".

Also in today's interview: Van der Poel encouraged farmers to send in a submission on the Government's Essential Freshwater Package.