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Uncertainties and opportunities were the focus of the Leaders of the Land breakfast held at Gisborne's A&P Show says Todd Charteris.

Rabobank's Chief Executive was a guest speaker at the breakfast, along with former Prime Minister Sir Bill English and leading sheep breeder Derek Daniell.

Concerns around regulations facing the rural community were addressed, but Charteris said it was important to remain positive.


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"What are the opportunities. The great commodity returns we're getting now and also the opportunities for us in the market place to really continue to build that reputation".

Charteris was "really impressed" with the turnout to the breakfast, especially since farmers were often too busy to attend such events.

"There was a big crowd. I think the breakfast attracted a few and hopefully the topics attracted a few as well".

Also in today's interview: Charteris looked forward to putting Lashes to work at the Rabobank Good Deeds event later this year, and explained the reasons behind moving Rabobank's head office to Hamilton.