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The Trans Tasman Rabobank Leadership Awards are to be held in New Zealand this year, for the first time in the awards' history.

The awards, which recognise outstanding leadership in the food and agricultural sector, will be held in Auckland on November 28.

There are two industry accolades, the Rabobank Leadership Award and the Rabobank Emerging Leader Award. Both are peer-nominated and awarded annually to an accomplished leader in the agricultural sector and an up-and-coming leader.


Listen below:

Rabobank New Zealand CEO Todd Charteris told The Country's Jamie Mackay he is "absolutely delighted" to bring the awards to New Zealand for the first time.

"There's some outstanding leaders out there right across the industry in New Zealand".

The nominations are not just about excellence in the industry said Charteris.

"It's about peers nominating peers across the industry and really celebrating the contributions that individuals have made to the agricultural sector - but often out in their communities as well, or in other ways".

Previous recipients of the Rabobank Leadership Award include:

New Zealand and Australian company and industry organisation heads David Crombie, Sir Graeme Harrison, Mick Keogh, Barry Irvin, Sir George Fistonich, Sir Henry van der Heyden, John Watson, Max Ould, John McLean, Nick Burton-Taylor, Robert Hill-Smith and Jim Geltch, and food and agricultural scientists Dr Bruce Lee and Dr Jim Peacock.

Nominations for both awards can be made at

Award nominations close on August 9, 2019 with the winner to be announced at the annual Leadership Awards dinner, to be held in Auckland on Thursday, November 28, 2019.


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