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Although it may be a "niche" industry, deer products have a bright future says Hamish Midgley.

Rabobank's Head of Business Development told Jamie Mackay on The Country today that deer by-products are perfect for the changing needs of the modern consumer.

Deer products meet customers' demands for environmental sustainability and animal welfare, said Midgley.


"It's a really healthy product".

Listen below:

Midgley is the key note speaker at the Deer Industry New Zealand Conference (DINZ) in Wellington tomorrow, which he said will focus on the "direction the deer industry needs to go to".

The conference will tackle changes coming up for the industry, including the Zero Carbon Bill and consumer perception.

Other speakers include Managing Director of AbacusBio Anna Campbell, CEO of NZ Wine Philip Gregan and successful pastoral farmers Grant and Ele Ludemann

Also in today's interview: Midgley talks about agricultural debt in New Zealand and why farming needs to get back to a yield story instead of relying on capital gain.