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The response to Miles Hurrell's appointment as permanent CEO of Fonterra has been "fantastic," says Mike Cronin.

Fonterra's Managing Director of Co-operative Affairs spoke to The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum about what farmers can expect with Hurrell in the top job.

"We were very clear about breathing fresh air into the co-op and getting back to the basics ... we just want to be really up front with farmers."


Listen below:

Progress will take "a little bit of time," said Cronin, but he hopes farmers are starting to see that "we are getting on with things."

"With the permanent appointment now [of Hurrell], we've just got that bit of stability that we all need so that we can all start facing forward again."

Also in today's interview: Cronin talks about how Fonterra is faring in the regional Dairy Industry Awards.