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DairyNZ has been holding farmer meetings around the country to discuss the need for the industry to pay its share of the Mycoplasma bovis response.

There have been "strong robust discussions," at the meetings said DairyNZ's chief executive Dr Tim Mackle, who acknowledged the toll the cattle disease had had on farmers.

"It's quite an emotional issue naturally for all of us. Farmers have been through a great deal ... there's a large human cost to it," Mackle told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum.


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Initially there was a bit of confusion about what was being asked at the meetings, said Mackle.

"We really aren't asking that question do you want to pay it - we're asking how do you want to pay it - through DairyNZ or with the Government."

Overall the meetings have been "really good," said Mackle, who found farmers' questions and participation "encouraging".

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