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Earlier this week Fonterra began signing up farms to supply milk for The a2 Milk Company in the 2019/2020 season.

Fonterra Head of Farm Source, Waikato Paul Grave told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum the move is "very exciting for the co-op."

"We'll be signing up around 100 farms to supply milk to the a2 Milk Company, starting next season."


"It's a positive step forward and strengthens our strategic relationship with the a2 Milk Company."

The Co-op's initial milk pool will be based in the Waikato around its Hautapu site and will support the production of ingredients.

Listen below:

The location of the milk pool was determined by several factor, as the site needed the ability to manufacture the specific product in demand, produce relatively small batches, and adapt easily to any product demand changes.

Most of the value from the relationship with The a2 Milk Company will be returned to Fonterra's farmers through the dividend.

Participating farms will also receive a premium for their milk.

Also in today's interview - Grave talks about Anchor Chef's Cream receiving an award.