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DairyNZ says it welcomes the recently announced proposals for upgrading vocational education.

Jenny Jago, Strategy & Investment Leader - Farm Performance, told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum, that DairyNZ will take part in the consultation process.

"The training system itself, despite the best efforts of the people that are working in it, hasn't been working as effectively as it might for dairy, so we're pleased to see these proposed changes and we're looking forward to contributing our thinking on that proposal as part as that consultation process that's going on now."


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Effective training is "absolutely critical" to the dairy industry says Jago, especially where the sector is heading in such areas as increasing product value, caring for the environment, animal welfare and business management.

"Having a very effective and supportive training system is absolutely fundamental to what we're looking to achieve."

"Ultimately for us, when we look at these proposed changes, we're looking for more people with the skills to become great farmers."