In a first for The Country, Jamie Mackay interviewed a celebrity mathematician on today's show, but what is the connection with farming?

Social media influencer and mathematician Simon Pampena was the MC at the recent Bayer Future of Farming Dialogue Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany, where Mackay was a guest attendee.

Although Pampena says his skill set isn't immediately associated with farming, he has found common ground between the two professions.

Listen below:

"I don't have a background in Ag, but Ag is in real need of excellent communicators - so it's actually quite similar to mathematics."


Pampena is encouraging young Kiwis with an enthusiasm for agriculture to apply for the World Youth Ag Summit in Brazil in November 2019 (applications close January 10).

"The Youth Ag Summit is something I absolutely love," says Pampena who points out that those interested in attending don't have to come from a farming background.

"You just have to be interested in sustainability and feeding a hungry planet, and looking at the future."