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New Zealand and Ireland's first joint Pasture Summits being held this week in Hamilton and Ashburton have been going "really well," according to Vanessa Winning.

DairyNZ's GM Farm Performance told The Country's Jamie Mackay the summits have been "a lot of fun," possibly due to the Irish contingent.

"The Irish bring a lot of energy to it," says Winning.


It hasn't been all fun and games though as participants have been learning about important issues such as financial resilience and getting "back to basics" with pasture.

"If you're going to make additional choices around feedlots or adding in supplements make sure that you know your numbers."

Listen below:

Also in today's interview: Vanessa Winning gives and update on Mycoplasma bovis, the DairyNZ/Beef + Lamb Compensation Assistance Team (DBCAT) and ponders whether New Zealand has reached "peak cow".