People interested in attending Fonterra's Open Gates should get their skates on as spaces are filling up fast says Jason Boyle.

Fonterra's Head of Farm Source for Central Districts spoke to The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum about Open Gates, which takes place on November 11.

"Registrations are now open and I had a look at the numbers and they're filling up fast so I encourage the public to head along to our website to register your name for a spot for a visit."

Listen below:

Not only can people sample the food that participating properties produce, they also get to meet the families behind the farm says Boyle.


"It's an opportunity really for our farmers to show off what they do on their farms and [for visitors] not only just have a look at the farms but to meet the people behind the farms - the farming families and the workers."

"There's 15 farms to chose from so you shouldn't have to travel too far, but do get along."

Boyle encourages those who are interested in attending Open Gates to register at Fonterra's website here.

Also in today's interview: Jason Boyle gives an update for the Central Districts, discusses director elections and talks about Fonterra's upcoming AGM.