It's the Best of The Country with Jamie Mackay and Rabobank, where you can catch up with the week's top interviews.

This week's best interviews were:

Mark Schatzker:

We talk meat with an award-winning Canadian food and travel writer, radio columnist, journalist and author of two New York Times best sellers, who is in NZ next week to attend the First Light Spring Muster aka AGM in Hawke's Bay.


Blake Holgate:

Rabobank's Animal Proteins Analyst comments on the good prospects for lamb (despite the prediction of a record low crop) and on the bank's latest beef quarterly report which sees prices remaining steady despite some northern hemisphere headwinds.

Tony Laker:

We tell you how you can join us on the Southern USA Farming and Sightseeing Tour in November, the All Blacks' end of season Farming and Footy Tour to Japan/UK/Ireland and the 2019 Rugby World Cup to Japan via China.

Winston Peters:

The Deputy PM comments on the demise of the Waimea Dam, whether the Business Advisory Council is just another talkfest and whether government should fund the All Blacks?

Julian Raine:

The President of Horticulture New Zealand and an irate Tasman District Council ratepayer and farmer fumes over the failure of the Waimea Dam project.


Listen below: