Want to win a SealesWinslow Cattle High Magnesium 500kg Molasses Block?

Visit the SealesWinslow site at Fieldays – (P38 in the pavilion) and fill out an entry form to go in the draw for one SealesWinslow Cattle High Magnesium 500kg Molasses Block.

One winner to be drawn each day to win the block. Competition on only during Fieldays 13-16 June 2018.

About the product:


Cattle High Magnesium Block delivers essential micro-nutrients to balance the deficiencies of feeding pasture to cattle during their dry period.

The Cattle High Magnesium Block is a convenient, cost effective and tasty mineral delivery system for use in the dry period when cows or heifers are on grass.

High magnesium levels are included to reduce the risk of milk fever, in combination with other animal health strategies.

Add a minimum of 2 x 25kg tubs to ensure all animals in the herd have access.
Typical intake (per cattle)
•70 – 100 g/day

Read the terms and conditions here.