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In March 2015 John Beckenridge and his stepson Mike Zhao-Beckenridge disappeared. The car they were travelling was discovered at the base of a Catlins cliff in Southland but no bodies were found, and the Police investigation continues as a missing persons case.
Seeing Maddison Blitvich for the first time can be shock with her cone-shaped head but get to know this 2-year-old and you will leave only seeing her beauty within.
It has been 25 years since 2-year-old Amber-Lee Cruickshank disappeared from Kingston on the shore of Lake Wakatipu. Initially she was presumed drown but quickly police and her mother Nicola suspected something far more sinister happened to the little blonde girl.
In March 2015, Louise Hull, one of the country’s most renowned whitewater kayakers, went under in the rapids of the Kaituna River and never came up. This is the story of her death but it is also a story of renewal, as those closest to her keep her memory alive by celebrating her sense of adventure.
Three students are completing their final year at the beleaguered Papakura High School. Along with their inspirational new principal, the students and school are fighting perceptions and decline in order to survive.