Hilary Barry is game to give pretty much anything a try, but this week on Seven Sharp the broadcasting legend almost dry heaved after eating an unusual food combination during a live on-air taste test.

She and co-host Jeremy Wells were sent a press release for Watties Tomato sauce which claimed the Kiwi favourite goes well with all kinds of things... even ice cream.

"I actually find that so hard to believe… it sounds disgusting, but here we are, going to taste test this live on air,' she said.

Not one to do things by halves, Jeremy happily poured copious amounts of the red sauce all over some French Vanilla ice cream.


Even the sight of it is too much for Hils Baz who turns away saying: "Ewww it actually makes me feel nauseous just even seeing that."

Jeremy very bravely took a mouthful and described the "spicy" flavour, but it was all too much for Hils who stuck out her tongue, screwed her face up and couldn't quite manage to get her words out for a moment.

See her verdict in the video below!