Australian coach Darren Lehmann is suffering from deep vein thrombosis and is likely to be hospitalised for a short period meaning he will not travel for the upcoming Twenty20 series against India.

It's unwise for the coach to travel and it's possible he may have a delayed flight to New Zealand for the upcoming tour.

Lehmann will remain in treatment over the next 24 to 48 hours as doctors working on thinning his blood from clotting and his inability to fly will mean he misses the three-match Twenty20 series against India starting on Australia Day.

The 45-year-old experienced a more serious DVT issue as a player back in 2007, and was able to alert doctor John Orchard and team medical staff of his symptoms, some minor swelling in his calf, very early in the piece.


Orchard said it was too early to know whether Lehmann would be cleared to fly with the team to New Zealand for the tour starting on February 1, but said early detection should ensure he returns to full health shortly.

"We had a bit of a scare in the Australian camp in the bowling innings," said Orchard.

"He mentioned symptoms to us when he got to the ground today and it was good he did.

We have a radiology clinic on site at the SCG which we are usually using for players on match day. We got him up in the bowling innings and got him scanned which confirmed the diagnosis.

"DVT has a very good outcome if you get it early which we have.

"It's all good news but it's unwise to fly until you've stabilised the condition so he will be absent from the Australian team camp for a short period and it will depend on how long it takes for him to get stabilised and treated."