The land, buildings and business sustaining a medium-scale poultry production operation south of Auckland is on the market for sale.

The 6.975ha property, at Patumahoe, consists of three 1025sq m sheds backed by commercial buildings and equipment raising about 400,000 birds annually.

The entity is run purely as a broiler operation delivering 'meat' birds only.

Production records show between 18,500 and 20,000 birds are raised in each shed in seven-week cycles, or an average of seven a year.


Building and equipment infrastructure on the site includes:

• Six grain feed silos with automatic feeders

• A 100sq m workshop/barn

• A three-bedroom single-level, brick and tile owner/manager residence some 325m from the poultry sheds

• A staff lunchroom port-a-com

• A utility shed housing an emergency back-up generator, water filtration unit and pumping system

• Automated climate control heating and cooling plants servicing all three sheds; and

• A fully-automated bird weighing system.


The freehold property, at 131 Kingseat Rd, and its going concern business is being marketed through Bayleys Pukekohe, with tenders closing on August 28.

Bayleys Pukekohe salesperson Ben Jameson said the business had an on-going supply contract with major poultry meat producer Brinks New Zealand, with the option for a buyer to continue the contract with Brinks' approval.

"The business has reported an average gross income of $302,164 over the past four financial years, delivering sustained substantial profits annually," Jameson said.

"The business works in partnership with Brinks as the end purchaser of all poultry meat grown on the farm, ensuring that high quality standards are maintained along every step of the process.

"For example, at the conclusion of each 'run' where fully grown poultry is harvested, the concrete floor sheds are thoroughly cleaned out by contractors, dried, and aired, before a new delivery of wood shavings is laid down and the next batch of chicks are introduced."

Irrigation for the property comes from a consented four-inch bore and two 25,000 litre storage tanks.

Jameson said the poultry production sheds and the residence are separated by 4.5ha of grazing land. A sealed access road — complete with running loop immediately in front of the sheds — connected the two locations.