KiwiBuild's official web site shows 33 homes completed, leaving 967 to rise by the middle of this year to reach the programme's inaugural 1000-home target.

Phil Twyford, Housing and Urban Development Minister, has now indicated that 1000-home target now seems unachievable.

"I can't guarantee that [1000 built by July this year]. I think it's going to be tough to meet that target," he said.

Whether KiwiBuild can reach Labour's 100,000 high-quality affordable homes in a decade is unknown.


The KiwiBuild programme officially started on July 1, last year so to meet the initial target, 1000 homes would need to be completed by June 30 or July 1 this year.

However, more homes might have been completed than the 33 shown on the web site.

Those 33 homes completed are understood to have been current as at December 4. The 33 was homes then complete, not the number sold.

The KiwiBuild development team gets periodic updates from developers on their build progress at different times. The sales team gets updates from the real estate agents on the progress of sales.

Turning these into a constantly up-to-date snapshot nationally when they are subject to daily change is understood to be somewhat of a challenge but the staff at KiwiBuild are understood to be working on getting more current figures displayed.

Officials said this month that KiwiBuild numbers exceeded the 33 shown on the web site and in fact 55 homes were sold "or in the process of sale".

Those are:
• McLennan in Auckland: 23

• 340 Onehunga Mall, Auckland: 20

• Northlake, Wanaka: 4

• Tuatahi, Auckland: 5

• Mason Square, Auckland: 3

Twyford said late last year that 50 families would wake up in KiwiBuild homes on Christmas day. Precisely how many places were completed, sold and being occupied by December 25 remains unknown, due to those logistical challenges.


The best information that can be found on that is that it currently running at somewhere between 33 and 55 homes.

The ministry's web site says 4047 KiwiBuild homes are contracted to built and under "building" it lists 77 homes.

KiwiBuild's web site has 46,807 registered people interested in getting updates on the programme and 267 parties "pre-qualified" for KiwiBuild homes.

The Opposition's Judith Collins has predicted the Government would block any calls for a select committee inquiry into the departure of KiwiBuild chief executive Stephen Barclay.

Answers were needed about him leaving and his resignation last week followed an unexplained absence, she said.