National's Wairarapa Member of Parliament Alastair Scott has announced he will not be standing at the next election.

He announced his decision at a Caucus meeting yesterday.

Scott said he made the announcement well ahead of the election which will be held on November 21 next year.

"I am well aware that it takes a long time to get yourself in a place where you put yourself forward for selection. You need to discuss it with your family and friends and then you put yourself forward for selection."


Scott says it's a huge process to get selected.

"You don't just get shoulder-tapped. Given that I have been through the selection process, I know that there needs to be plenty of time allowed."

Scott said his understanding of the selection process was that candidates would be decided by Christmas.

"I think there would have been the expectation that I would be around in 2020 and even 2023 so people might be a bit surprised that I have decided not to stand."

Looking ahead, Scott said he has other things he wants to accomplish.
"I have other things to do on my bucket list and those are my priorities.
"There is so much out there to get involved in."

Scott owns Matahiwi Estate winery which is on the market. He decided to sell as his family don't want to be involved in the wine industry.

"There is so much that you can do so I am sure I will be as busy as every, and involved in business and charitable activities."

Scott has a background in banking and finance and worked in these fields in London.
With six years in politics behind him Scott says he has enjoyed the variety of topics that are covered by the Select Committee.


"Having a banking and finance background I knew little about education, social welfare or even policing but being part of the Select Committee you have to have a good grasp of all areas."

He says he has enjoyed getting out and about during his time in Parliament, and has particularly enjoyed visiting the more remote areas of his electorate.

"I visited Tuturumuri School on Monday. This is a school with three pupils and one teacher. I really enjoyed the visit."

Scott said he had enjoyed pushing the drug-driving issue and while he was disappointed the Government rejected his Private Members' Bill on this issue.

"However, I'm sure the Government will have to do something and take the credit for that."

Scott said looking back over the six years, he had a lot to be thankful for and he had enjoyed his role.

"Who knows what the next 20 years will see."