National has re-opened selections for the Clutha-Southland seat and already there are three names in the mix -including the man who unsuccessfully challenged Todd Barclay for it a few months ago.

Barclay was re-selected for the plum National safe seat, but announced he would no longer stand after the furore around claims he had secretly taped one of his staff members.

The National Party's Southern Region Chair Rachel Bird said nominations will close on July 18 and the candidate will be selected in August - leaving the new candidate between 4-7 weeks to campaign.

There are already three names in the mix. Hamish Walker, 32, has confirmed he will seek the selection after standing for National in Dunedin South in 2014.

Walker told the Otago Daily Times he had been approached by a number of people aware of his campaign in Dunedin South and believed having an experienced campaigner was important because of the limited time before the election.


''On that basis, I've decided I will put my name forward in the belief and determination for this part of the world to succeed.''

Walker has family in the electorate. Before moving back to Dunedin in 2014, he had a property management company in Auckland.

Simon Flood, an ex-Merrill Lynch investment banker, is believed to be considering it again after challenging Barclay for the seat last year. Gore District Councillor Nicky Davis has also confirmed she is considering it.

Police have re-opened the investigation into Barclay after Barclay confirmed he had told Prime Minister Bill English he had taped the staff member, apparently believing she was criticising him to others. It is illegal to secretly record a conversation unless party to it.

Bird said Clutha-Southland was one of the largest electorates and the new candidate had to be energetic and "understand local aspirations."

"National is proud of our democratic selection process, so ultimately it is up to local Clutha-Southland members to decide who will be our candidate at the election."