Greens co-leader Metiria Turei took a knife to a gun-fight in Parliament this week when, in a debate in the House, she called Police Minister Anne Tolley out of touch with reality.

Tolley gave it back to her with interest. "I'm actually insulted to be lectured about how out of touch I am with average New Zealand by a list MP who has no constituents, lives in a castle and comes to the House in a $2000 designer jacket," Tolley said. Ouch.

Turei had to resort to the racism card. Apparently Tolley is inferring a working-class Maori woman shouldn't shop at designer stores and that, according to Turei, is racist.

I don't think so. Nobody begrudges Hekia Parata or Georgina te Heuheu an expensive power suit.


I have no problem with Turei shopping and living wherever she wishes.

She works honestly for her money - she can spend it on whatever she likes.

But the Greens do tend to take the moral high ground on issues.

And that ground is a lot more stable when you're living in an eco-friendly organic farm in the Coromandel and wearing sustainable clothing.

As the former Green Party co-leader was wont to do.

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