Despite shedding 15kg, blogger Cameron Slater, also known as Whaleoil, could not match Labour MP Trevor Mallard in a 60km bicycle race around Auckland's eastern suburbs yesterday.

"I finished the challenge. Unfortunately I finished second behind Trevor Mallard," Slater wrote on his blog.

"Never mind. I am fit, have lost weight and what is abundantly clear is that Trevor Mallard has spent three months training his arse off to make sure he didn't lose a bike race against a fat blogger."

The MP made the challenge after the blogger called him a "cripple" when he broke his right leg and shoulder blade in a crash in Otago five months ago.


Mr Mallard lashed back, calling Mr Slater "blubber boy".

Labour list MP Darien Fenton was the first to congratulate Mr Mallard on his Facebook page: "You did it Trev! Well done."