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Former Winz boss Christine Rankin has dismissed speculation she would stand for Don Brash's Act - saying his party is racially divisive.

"I have never been an Act supporter and I am not standing for Act, and after the shenanigans of last week, I don't know who would be," Ms Rankin said.

She was referring to the advertisement published at the weekend that was headlined: "Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?"

"I don't think inciting racial discord - probably a mild way of describing it - is something that most people want," Ms Rankin said.

"People want a way forward. They don't want a war."

Neither she nor Dr Brash would say if they had had discussions about her standing for Act.

Dr Brash, who this week said the party needed more women and brown faces to better represent modern New Zealand society, said he would be "delighted" if Ms Rankin and former party president Catherine Isaac stood.

"[Ms Isaac] would be an excellent candidate. She's had a long history in the Act Party and was president for a number of years, and would bring a number of contributions to the party if she were to be a candidate, and similarly Christine Rankin."

He said Sashi Meanger, a Wellington businessman and former management lecturer who is considering putting his hand up, would also make a good contribution.

Mr Meanger, 55, a homosexual Fiji Indian and director of the Guava Tree, a shop selling Indian goods, said he was a member and supporter of the party.

Act is finalising its party list at the end of the month. Dr Brash said that although it would be good for candidates to be from diverse backgrounds, the board would be reluctant to make token appointments.

"We're very keen to appoint people on merit. That's the most important characteristic."

Ms Rankin, who runs a human resources business, said she would never be interested in standing for Parliament.

"Politics is not somewhere I want to go. I think it's a really horrible place to be.

"Who wants to do that to their lives? It's awful, and everyone either loves you or hates you - mind you that happens to me anyway whether I'm a politician or not.

"My personal life and my working life are too good to destroy it with that."