Green MP Sue Bradford has blamed her latest death threat on the controversial CYFSwatch website that has previously targeted her over her "anti-smacking" bill.

Ms Bradford yesterday outed the author of a message to her Twitter site on Thursday that said she was "a good candidate for NZ's first political assassination".

She was contacted yesterday by a credible source from the pro-smacking camp who gave her the identity of a man who linked back to CYFSwatch - an anonymous site previously shut down by Google for its distasteful postings about her.

"It is a horrible way to conduct politics.

"I am happy to shine the spotlight on them because I have always believed in standing up against people who try and intimidate you."

Ms Bradford said she had told parliamentary security about the threat, but not the police.

Police were already investigating a threatening email she had received related to the anti-smacking law.

Ms Bradford's latest threat was similar to one on CYFSwatch in 2007 that said: "Bradford is a worthy candidate for NZ's first political assassination - I only wish I had the resources to do it."

In that post, the author also said they would like to punch Ms Bradford and break her nose, and gave a graphic account about other injuries that would be inflicted.

Google shut down the site after complaints from the Ministry of Social Development but a mirror site was set up.

CYFSwatch is run by Henk van Helmond, who yesterday wrote that though the threats had come from his account "it seems my password was hacked".

"I have offered my apologies to Sue Bradford. I do not condone violence or murder of any kind."

* The tweet

[Sue Bradford] is STILL a good candidate for NZ's first political assassination. (watch sue run to the Police because of a death threat, stupid cow).