This is John Key's new government of all the t' />

Today is Mother's Day, and the Government has called on blokes to do their share of the housework.

This is John Key's new government of all the talents, where once distinct political factions - women and men, Maori and Pakeha, left, right and sandal-wearing greenies - are all embraced in a big manly bear hug.

And the Ministry of Women's Affairs - that small department that the National Party once wanted to abolish - has joined in.

When the department's officials first briefed new minister Pansy Wong about their work, they never once mentioned the word "men". But this year, when it came to planning a high-powered Women in Business workshop, Wong made it clear that everyone would be invited.

Maori, Pacific, one Chinese, one Indian ... and critically, the workshop should "include men" to work towards supporting women.

So yes, the world does need men. But unfortunately, only one - Michael Barnett from the Auckland Chamber of Commerce - turned up.

So here, for the benefit of all men, is Pansy Wong's message: "My vision sees New Zealand as a place where women are recognised for balancing their roles as mothers and workers; a place where unpaid work is shared evenly between men and women".

Get the message, gentlemen. Start this morning by making breakfast in bed for the mother of your children.

And then, start thinking about the other 364 days of the year.