It's been more than 80 days since New Zealand's first case of Covid-19 was announced. Our Government has been globally lauded for squashing the virus – but did it get everything right? Science reporter Jamie

Broadly, how do you feel New Zealand has responded to this pandemic?

At the outset, was New Zealand unprepared to deal with a pandemic? Were there measures we should have had in place but didn't?


What were critical points in our response that allowed New Zealand to get on top of the pandemic here?


Do you feel the result for New Zealand could have been a much different one, had the country waited longer to go into lockdown, or to close the borders?

What are the big things you feel that New Zealand has already learned from this experience?

Is it too soon to state – as some overseas news media outlets have – that New Zealand has won the battle against Covid-19?

Do you feel trust in experts by the Government and the public - as well as trust in Government by the public - were crucial factors here?