Wellingtonians have come together to help Colin Martiens, the busker who had his music gear stolen from his usual spot outside Timezone in Courtenay Place last night.

Colin is a beloved member of the Wellington community and everyone was shocked to find out someone had dared to take his few possessions from him, during a moment of distraction.

A post on local Facebook Vic Deals alerted everyone to the incident and several Wellingtonians immediately shared stories of how Colin brightened their day and offered to help him.

"Sitting here and seeing that one of Courtenay Place's most loved musicians has been robbed of his amp, guitar and microphone is heartbreaking," the post on Facebook read.


A Givealittle page was quickly set up to fundraise for the busker's new gear.

One Wellingtonian is also planning to head into Courtenay Place tonight and give Colin a new guitar.

At the time of writing, the Givealittle page is still pending approval but has already received $630 donations to go towards a new microphone and a new amp.

Any leftover money will be given to Colin — and everyone knows he'll likely donate that to those who need it.

Friends of the busker, who've known him for about 40 years, say you couldn't find a better man.

Despite being homeless and going through his own difficulties, Colin busks every day to raise money that he sends to overseas ministries to support those even less fortunate than him.

"Every single cent he makes he gives back to overseas Christian churches and ministry that helps the poorest," his friends told the Herald.

"It's amazing how much he supports the overseas ministries."


And if that wasn't enough, Colin also transferred his whole inheritance that he received from his parents to the causes close to his heart.

"Even his pension he donated," his friends revealed.

Colin has been part of the soundtrack of the inner-city for several years, his guitar and voice like proper urban birdsong for passersby in the capital.

The theft happened sometime on Saturday evening and his silence on Courtenay Place was noticed almost immediately.

One person said they went past Colin around 9.30pm and wondered "why he wasn't singing".

"Poor koro! As for those lowlifes, I hope karma hits you real bad, or CCTV catches you," the person added.

Tributes to Colin's golden heart continue to multiply on social media.

One person described him as "an absolute icon".

"OMG I remember this sweetheart. He sang 'Twinkle Twinkle' for me one time," another person said.

"Colin is the man, he doesn't deserve this," someone else replied.

"OMG I'm nearly in tears. What a beautiful man with a heart of gold, and what disgusting behaviour from a few members of the public," another person said.