Police are investigating a brutal home invasion where a man in his 60s was beaten in his own bed with no way of defending himself against the violent offenders.

The man, who the Herald has agreed not to name, was asleep at his Mangawhai home on Friday morning when a group of offenders forced their way in.

"It was a home invasion, it was horrible," he said.

"It was about 1.15am and they smashed through the door near my bedroom and attacked me.


"I didn't have a chance to get out of bed."

The man sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Whangarei Hospital.

He was later discharged and is now staying with family in Auckland while he recovers.

He will need further hospital treatment for fractures to his eye socket and head.

"I'm a bit better … not very well," he said.

The man is yet to give a full statement to police so was reluctant to detail the attack which has left him shaken.

His daughter posted about the violent incident on Facebook in the hope someone would have information about the attack.

"Some cowards broke into my father's home during the night whilst he slept and bashed him," she said.


"He had to be rushed to hospital and now has numerous stitches and a broken eye socket, cannot see properly and can no longer live in his own home after they broke all his windows - not only of his home but his car too.

"He isn't safe at his own home and it is now under investigation."

She said her father was "helpless in his home" when the attack happened.

And she revealed evidence had been left at the scene that could lead police to the culprits.

"The perpetrators have been hurt too as they left blood at the scene and on the glass they broke," she explained.

The daughter asked people in the area to contact police if they had any information about the attack or the offenders.

"Please keep your eyes and ears peeled," she said.

Police confirmed they were investigating the incident.

"Our inquiries are ongoing," a spokeswoman said.