A couple of lads gave new meaning to the concept of off-road driving yesterday, after they crashed their rented 4WD down a rocky embankment off State Highway 1 south of Kaikōura.

The two male passengers of the 4WD were miraculously unharmed following the 10-metre plunge that occurred at 6.55pm in Peketa, Kaikōura, just beyond the entrance to the twin Raramai road tunnels.

However, the front end of the 4WD was smashed in the crash, the bull-bar dislodged, and the vehicle itself was left slanted up the embankment.

One of the occupants can be seen metres from the wreck, sitting on a rock with his head in his hands.


Fire and Emergency Services attended the scene by 7.15pm yesterday, but had left by 7.45pm because there was no rescue required. Police also attended.

A staff member of the Off Track Rentals company who leased the vehicle to the two men said they were aware of the accident.

The Off Track Rentals staffer said all he knew was that the men were driving along State Highway 1 when the accident happened, and were not attempting some adventurous off-road driving stunt.