"Nomination for a Darwin Award?" asks Jamie. "Spotted this driving in Glen Eden on Saturday morning. There was no way he could see out the front of his car, I have no idea how he reached his destination in one piece!"

Kids are classic
1) "We took our children to the Agrodome in Rotorua and watched the sheep shearing demonstration. A sheep dog was brought on to move the sheep, and my son, then aged 2, piped up 'Are they going to peel the dog too?' ..."

2) "While lying on our bed with my then 2-year-old son and pregnant with my daughter, I asked him if he would like a brother or a sister. After thinking for a little while, he replied ... 'I'd like a biscuit!' ..."

3) "Our 4-year-old daughter has been asking a lot of questions about heaven. Today I told her there would be nothing bad in heaven; nothing to make her cry. She looked up at me with big eyes. 'Will there not be onions there, Mummy'?"


4) "While driving with my 4-year-old granddaughter Samantha she asked; 'Nana if a lady has two babies they are called twins?' Yes. 'And if a lady has three babies are they called pikelets?' I put her right while stifling a laugh."

5) "My little sister and father were visiting the graveyard. She asked why some of the old gravestones were chipped around the edges. Dad replied that a mower must have knocked them. She's not one to be fooled and said 'They're not THAT old Dad!' (She'd interpreted mower as moa!)"

6) "Our 4-year-old daughter was talking about work and didn't realise that I had been a nurse in the past. We asked what Mummy's job is now. 'Doing the dishes' replied Emma."

7) "Game of I-Spy with grandson Connor (then aged 5). Connor: 'I spy with my little eye - something beginning with Y'. Grandad: 'Yo-yo, You, Yacht' etc. Connor: 'Do you give up?' Grandad: 'OK, what is it?' Connor: 'Waitakere Ranges!' (He can see them from his lounge window)."

A blonde moment

A reader writes: "One evening when dining at Denny's my beautiful but blonde adult sister commented on the waitress's unusual name and tried to pronounce it ... We were all in hysterics and my lovely sister was wondering what we were laughing about until the waitress said, 'that's not my name, I'm a Trainee' ..."

A wee misunderstanding

Two ambulances and a police car rushed to a model train accident in Essex after mishearing the emergency call as a 'military railway' not a 'miniature railway'. (Source: Telegraph.co.uk)