Otto Lereiti Misivila, 5' />

A man whose kick broke his three-year-old son's leg was convicted when he appeared in Blenheim District Court yesterday.

Otto Lereiti Misivila, 51, had admitted kicking out at his son with a socked foot to halt boisterous play with his one-year-old daughter.

The Marlborough Express reported that as soon as Misivila realised an injury had occurred, he sought help from the child's maternal grandparents, and the family took the boy to Wairau Hospital.

Misivila was instantly remorseful and took responsibility for what happened, police prosecutor Sergeant Steve Frost said. He had remained at his son's bedside to comfort the boy, and had full support from other family members.

The leg had now mended and the boy was running around again.

Judge Michael Behrens convicted Misivila and ordered him to reappear for sentencing if called upon within nine months.

He noted that Child, Youth and Family staff had visited the family and were satisfied the incident was a one-off.