Fans of Rage Against the Machine will be wanting to rage against the Australian troll who circulated a fake world tour poster yesterday.

The popular band recently reformed for headline slots at Coachella music festival and a limited run of American shows in April, 2020.

So fans were understandably thrilled when a poster surfaced on social media announcing a world tour.

However it has turned out that poster is bull on parade.


Upon closer inspection it shows Auckland has been spelled incorrectly which is one clue that not everything is on the level with the poster.

The fake tour poster that shows the band are coming to 'Aukland' [sic]
The fake tour poster that shows the band are coming to 'Aukland' [sic]

An anonymous Australian self proclaimed 'concert troll' has now come forward to claim credit for the fake poster.

"As far as why [I did it], I mean, I love a good troll hey," the troll told Wall of Sound. "Plus how sick would it be if Rage did get their ass down here [Australia], and Splendour [festival] doesn't seem too far out of the realm of possibility. Especially as it's their 20th year."

While this is not the news RATM fans were hoping for there could be a silver lining. The band now have concrete evidence that there's huge demand to see them. That might be enough to tempt them back onto stages worldwide.