Alex Winter is best know for his most excellent portrayal of Bill S. Preston Esquire in the Bill and Ted movies. But behind the camera Winter is an acclaimed filmmaker. He debuted with the 1993 cult comedy classic Freaked before shifting gears to become an accomplished documentarian.

Karl Puschmann spoke to Winter about his new doco The Panama Papers, making Freaked and returning to Bill and Ted.

Q. Why did you want to tell the story of the Panama Papers?

A. I'm interested in stories around technology, journalism and big shifts in the way culture works. I was very taken by how so many journalists around the world were able to keep their work secret for the better part of a year, the magnitude of the leak and what it represented in terms of income and equality. All those interests combined into one story was very compelling.

Q. It feels like a daunting task to take this complex, globe-spanning story about dry topics like tax evasion and