Shut your doors and check under your bed - demonic toy Chucky is returning for a sixth film in the horror franchise.

The studio behind the moderately successful film series has announced plans to begin shooting Curse of Chucky in September, Empire reported.

The film is a sequel to 2004's Seed of Chucky and the sixth film in the series that began with 1988's Child's Play, about a Cabbage Patch Kids-style doll who was taken over by the spirit of a serial killer.

Chucky terrorises, and often kills, the people he is living with.


Empire reported Curse of Chucky would be darker than some of the sequels, which included 1988's Bride of Chucky, in which Chucky hooked up with another doll called Tiffany.

It featured Jennifer Tilly and a young Katherine Heigl, and came with the tagline: "Chucky gets lucky."

Curse of Chucky is expected to go straight to DVD.

- Herald online