Royal watchers have reacted with joy to the revelation that Prince Charles shakes hands with every tree he plants, to "wish it well".

The information was shared on Twitter by researchers for the hit comedy quiz show QI, after the heir to the throne himself admitted it in a list of facts on his personal website.

Fans were quick to show their appreciation for the Prince of Wales' green-thumbed gesture, with one saying the fact was "the most British thing I've ever heard".

Others described it as "quite lovely" and "surprisingly cute".


The entry on the Prince's website reads: "After planting each tree, HRH gives a branch a friendly shake to wish them well."

Prince Charles planting a tree earlier this year. Photo / Getty
Prince Charles planting a tree earlier this year. Photo / Getty

Prince Charles' loving relationship with the natural world has been well-documented, most famously in an 1986 interview where he admitted to talking to plants.

He said: "I just come and talk to the plants, really – very important to talk to them. They respond."

A recent documentary on Charles, Prince Charles: Inside The Duchy Of Cornwall, showed the future king at work on his Cornwall estate and won the Prince praise for his attitude and work ethic.

It received rave reviews on social media, with fans praising the prince for being down to Earth.

"Dear Duke & Duchess of Sussex — a 'How to' guide for you both. A documentary about his WORK, not HIM. A lesson in being a Royal. Take note," one viewer wrote.

Another wrote: "Something decent and intelligent to watch. No drama ... just getting on with it."

The programme showed the Duchy's headquarters near Buckingham Palace, young couples farming in Hertfordshire and struggling farms on the Isles of Scilly.


One person wrote: "Nice little documentary about Prince Charles last night #DuchyofCornwall He's obviously been doing this for decades but no one has cared because he was always over shadowed. Good effort to keep going with zero accolades all this time. Makes him all the more genuine."

Another called the documentary a "wonderful and educational piece!" adding: "Adored focus on Prince Charles, his beliefs and feelings on his world for decades. Caring and astute man who will be King."