Kiwis around the country have taken to social media to express their non-delightful feelings towards Aucklanders.

On Reddit, a curious Kiwi asked people "what is so unlikeable about Auckland/ers?" and it didn't take long for non-Aucklanders to take a bite at the "Jaffas" and their city of sails.

"Honest answer is that a sizeable number of Aucklanders appear as though they can't see how there is anything worth doing south of the Bombay Hills, and appear incredibly dismissive of the rest of the country as a result," one person explained.

Another said: "Mainly that many seem to be self-absorbed, inconsiderate and lack any real thought for those around them."


One person wrote that the rest of the country feels left out because of how much money goes towards the big city.

"There's also the complaints about the money spent on Auckland roads, transport, facilities etc that leave some feeling left out."

Others complained about how Aucklanders are taking over other regions' house market.

"I did see a news story not to long ago about Aucklanders selling up their overpriced homes and moving elsewhere, which was putting folks in the regions out of their own housing market, one wrote.

"That would make Aucklanders seem pretty unlikeable in my opinion."

Another said: "Because every long weekend/holiday Aucklanders decide to vacate their city and swamp the regions like a plague of arrogant SUV driving locusts."

However, not all non-Aucklanders think the same about these big-city residents, with some bagging other cities in New Zealand.

"I say this as a South Island born — I like Aucklanders," one wrote.


"I think they're generally friendly and quite helpful. People from the south, not so much. Worst customer service experiences of my life have all happened in Invercargill."

Another agreed: "Same. I'm always surprised by how friendly Aucklanders are just generally around the place. The usual equation is the bigger the joint the less friendly, not in this case."

One wrote how non-Aucklanders are just jealous about their status.

"They're more attractive, smarter, earn more money, are more compassionate and kinder, generally all-round better people that make the rest of us feel guilty for being so useless."