A woman has been left horrified after accidentally discovering her boyfriend was leaving her in the most brutal way.

The Adelaide-based couple went head-to-head in a local rental property Facebook group after he posted about being "single" and needing to find a room to move into.

"Looking for a room in northern suburbs. I work fulltime, and have great references. Im single and Im drug/alcohol free. Willing to pay up to 200 a week (bills included)," he wrote.

Girlfriend's horror find in rental ad. Photo / Facebook
Girlfriend's horror find in rental ad. Photo / Facebook

However, his quest to find an apartment appeared to come as new information to his partner, who stunned group members when she shared a scathing response to his post.


"Ummm what the actual f**k babe?! Since when were u single and needing somewhere to live huh…" she wrote.

"What a great boyfriend you are… Just remind me again who the selfish one is..cos it seems that it's you not me. Considering Im the one out there trying my hardest to find us and my three kids a house to live in & you have the audacity to put this up without a thought of us…."

The original post has since been deleted but not before it was picked up by a local satire group, Sh*t Adelaide, who regularly post "weird" events from the South Australian city.

She commented on the post and voiced how she felt. Photo / Facebook
She commented on the post and voiced how she felt. Photo / Facebook

Understandably, people have gone crazy for the bizarre interaction, labelling it "awkward" and "wild".

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"Most awkward break up ever," one person wrote.

"Bloody good usage of the word 'audacity'," another scoffed.

One person claimed to be the woman's sister and confirmed the post's authenticity, alleging the boyfriend was asleep in the house they shared when she found his post.


"The post has been deleted!! What happened? Did he wake up?" someone asked, desperate for more info.

Others just branded the exchange "bizarre" and "savage".

Not everyone was convinced the drama was real, with some suggesting it was "fake" or "staged".

It's not the first time an advert for a roommate has gone viral. Last year a househunter shared the "ridiculous" list of rules that accompanied a London apartment up for grabs.

There were 11 extreme requirements in total, ranging from banning being drunk in the home to restricting the amount of guests the successful tenant would have. You can check out the entire crazy list below.